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He watched as she started to undress herself, he quickly looked away, covering his face with his hands, she reached up to his hands, bringing them down to his sides, he closed his eyes as she leaned in to kiss him. Puff rubbed her head, "No, well, actually, you can, if, you do a little, extra credit. She looked away, bringing the flask back to her lips, she gasped when some of it fell out of it on on her chest, she growled, "Can't you learn to drive? Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. He breathed out from the side of his lip as she started to slip her fin down his body, he looked down as her hand fiddled with the button on his shorts. They'd had a fight just a few days ago, and it left things rough, she shook her head, that greedy bastard, making her feel like this, and what made it even worse was that, she was starting to feel needy, she would look up at him as she rubbed her thighs.


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